Cutting-Edge Enterprise AI

Secure & Private

Prevent employees copying private company information to tools such as ChatGPT. This is an alternative tool

Company Datasets

Using your company's data, we can train a model to understand your company's language, processes and compliance

Best practices

We didn't invent the wheel, we just made it better. We use the best practices from large players such as Facebook & OpenAI

Transform Your Business with Cutting-Edge Enterprise AI: PolyDGPT

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, staying ahead means embracing the power of technology. Our cutting-edge AI is designed to revolutionize how your business interacts with its most vital asset: your data.


A small version of a large language model

Our LLM solution delves deep into your existing documentation and code, learning from them to streamline processes. It's not just about understanding data; it's about turning it into actionable insights. This means reduced manual effort, fewer errors, and a more efficient workflow, allowing your teams to focus on innovation rather than administration.

What sets our AI apart is its ability to adapt to your unique enterprise environment with dynamic plugins. It learns from your specific documentation and code, evolving continually to align with your business objectives. This personalized approach ensures that the solutions and optimizations it suggests are not just intelligent, but relevant and immediately applicable to your needs.

Enterprise efficiency and security

Here at Polydelic we focus on markets where technology, innovation, and capital can unlock long-term value

Project Management

  • Unified GPT Model
  • Org activity graph
  • Org insights
  • Milestones analysis
  • Team insights

Collaborative AI Coding

  • Dynamic reports
  • Code review
  • AI documentation
  • Protected code and docs
  • Draft suggestions

Enterprise Security

  • Docs and code audit
  • Software audits
  • ChatBot alternative
  • Advisory Database
  • AI Signing verification

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