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Massage therapists are often self-employed and have a hard time finding clients and have patchy work at best. RefreshMe is a platform that allows massage therapists to find work when it suits them. RefreshMe was deployed with the capability to book a massage within 10 seconds to your door.

We Provided

Business analysis


Originally we were appoached by a founder who was not involved in the massage industry, but had a great idea. We worked with him to create a business model that would work for both threapists and the company. We onboarded two more founders who were massage therapists and they helped us create a platform that was fair and easy to use.

The challenge

Booking systems are inherently complex. We needed to create a system that was easy to use but also realiable. We did a lot of research, looking at systems, seeing what our competition was doing. In the end every system came with an expensive fee or bugs, we had take ownership to create our own one. We had to take into account the different locations, timezones, currencies, languages and more.

The business model

There are several companies based in the UK and the USA that were already doing this. The Scandinavian market was bare at the time. The app takes subscriptions and direct Payments. The therapist see's more than 70% of the revenue, which is a lot more than The industry standard. The rest is reinvested into marketing and the platform.

Refresh me app features

Refresh Me Design

We provided a comprehensive design for the RefreshMe app based on the industry and highend UX.

Refresh me design by polydelic as

Quick Payments

When a customer interacts with RefreshMe it's only a few taps to book a massage. We integrated Apple Pay, Google Pay and Stripe to make it as easy as possible for customers to pay. Our massage disovery screen used their location to find the nearest threapists.


Providing a long-lasting and consistant service requires a subscription model. We we're able to create a cross platform subscription model that worked on iOS, Android and the web.

Using AI

At Polydelic we've been using AI for over 5 years to automatically detect and remove spam, bad content and more. When we deploy a platform, you have peace of mind that it's secure.

Our process for RefreshMe

The RefreshMe collaboration wanted a quick feedback cycle with the ability to test new updates on the fly.

They also wanted to ensure that the platform was secure, scalable and high-quality.


Monthly sprints with a Notion Kanban board to track progress and keep everyone in the loop.

Business Automation

Automatically notifiy the team and the partners when a new feature is ready for testing.

QA Stamped

Audit-proof software testing, built for critical operations like month-end close and payment cycles.

Enterprise Architecture

Craft beautiful, delightful experiences for developers of the product with real cross-domain collaboration.

Professional Team

We employed 2 fullstack developers, 1 QA, 1 DevOps, 1 designer and 1 project manager to ensure the project was delivered on time and on budget to the highest quality.

RefreshMe, a sleek and modern app

We are proud to show our work

Refresh me app features

RefreshMe Success: Acquired

RefreshMe was acquired by a large massage company in the US and rebranded.

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