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Chefs have been toiling away in the back rooms of restaurants, food vans and kitchens for centuries, many times with no acknowledgment. HelloFood.co is a food social media that empowers chefs by creating a space for them to create content, get exposure and much more.

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When you visit a restaurant, you're not just there for the food. You're there for the experience. How many times have you check to see who the chef is? With HelloFood.co the chef can print a stylish QR code on the menu that links to their profile. This allows the chef to connect with their customers and build a following via the platform.

The challenge

Polydelic was tasked with creating an entire social media platform from scratch. That included reels, stories, posts, messaging, notifications, profiles, and much more. We had to create a platform that was easy to use and intuitive for both the chefs and the customers but also secure and scalable.

The business model

In order to maintain and grow a social media platform, you need to have a business model that gives incentives to content creators. We came up with some different models to generate revenue. The numbers include a breakdown of industry average and a high/med/low outcome.

HelloFood.co tech stack

HelloFood.co Tech Map

Designing an entire social media from scratch with cross platform payments

HelloFood.co tech stack


We don't like vendor lockin. We learned the hard way when Google added managment fees and increased prices in 2022. Many of our cients were stuck with double the bill. We now use kubernetes to deploy our apps to any cloud provider avoiding this issue securing the best price/performance and reliability.

An Elegant system

We created a system with HelloFood.co that covers anything, from finding and entering any ingredient, paying on Apple, Android or the Web (even desktop!), uploading large videos for public content, entering ingredients from a database of more than 10k ingredients, and more. The system can manage the chefs, their content and it allows super admins to review reported content, block and remove people.

Using AI

At Polydelic we've been using AI for over 5 years to automatically detect and remove spam, bad content and more. When we deploy a platform, you have peace of mind that it's secure.

Our process for HelloFood.co

The HelloFood.co collaboration wanted a quick feedback cycle with the ability to test new updates on the fly.

They also wanted to ensure that the platform was secure, scalable and high-quality.


Monthly sprints with a Notion Kanban board to track progress and keep everyone in the loop.

Business Automation

Automatically notifiy the team and the partners when a new feature is ready for testing.

QA Stamped

Audit-proof software testing, built for critical operations like month-end close and payment cycles.

Enterprise Architecture

Craft beautiful, delightful experiences for developers of the product with real cross-domain collaboration.

Professional Team

We employed 2 fullstack developers, 1 QA, 1 DevOps, 1 designer and 1 project manager to ensure the project was delivered on time and on budget to the highest quality.

HelloFood.co In Action

We are proud to show our work in action

HelloFood.co: Food Social

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